DJ COLONEL – SIMMER DOWN MASSIF – over 450 live shows on 92.9fm

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DJ COLONEL – SIMMER DOWN MASSIF – over 450 live shows on 92.9fm

We here are SIMMER DOWN MASSSIF WORLD HQ and vegan juice bar we had the rare opportunity to consult with an in side contact at the MIT Artifical Intelligence lab.

It was calculated the the overall ‘ improvement of consciousness quotient ‘ of random population discovering the DJ COLONEL – SIMMER DOWN radio show was greater than 33.3%.

It also calculated there was enough ” irie meditations ” of the civilian populace to equal the same effect of 13,760 individual one-week paid vacations.

DJ COLONEL – and the SIMMER DOWN MASSIF welcome you personally to take a voyage every Wednesday at 9pm



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" Many are called but few are chosen. Heartfelt thanks to my brothers and sisters that came out for A night of reggae at the Capitol in February. We had a big night and we surely missed you if you couldn't make it. We are gearing up for another night of crucial vinyl reggae selections at The Capitol. Please join DJ Colonel and the Mighty Chuck Chill for an evening of over joy." - DJ COLONEL bing colonel boom draw picture-55 poster 2 Untitled-16j

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