djcolonel simmerdown q

We know you are ready to be on the fore front of the rainbow and inside all things Irie and good in the world, that’s why you sport DJ COLONEL – SIMMER DOWN MASSIF clothing. The dopest hoodies, only the finest quality materials we have sourced so you have something that lasts as long as your pride.

All we can say right now is just sit tight for about one week while we get this machine up and running big time.

We can’t wait to see you shredding around or chilling so pro chill with our gear. Bless up.

Stay Irie, stay inside the rainbow.

DJ COLONEL – SIMMER DOWN MASSIF clothing – like a home cooked ital meal.


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" Many are called but few are chosen. Heartfelt thanks to my brothers and sisters that came out for A night of reggae at the Capitol in February. We had a big night and we surely missed you if you couldn't make it. We are gearing up for another night of crucial vinyl reggae selections at The Capitol. Please join DJ Colonel and the Mighty Chuck Chill for an evening of over joy." - DJ COLONEL bing colonel boom draw picture-55 poster 2 Untitled-16j

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